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Tue Jun 2 23:46:48 EST 1998

Susan and others,
Please remember that this is a crazy time of year for most of us:

(1) final grades are due
(2) many grant deadlines are close
(3) we have 3 months "free" time in which to do a years worth of research
and writing.

I'm confident that as the adreline rush of May and June dies in the heat of
July (it's already hit in Austin), we'll head for our air-conditioned
offices and you'll see increased internet activity!


>In my continuing efforts to get this group up and running
>again (and if you are having trouble posting, please contact
>the Biosci folks for help!), I put forth the following discussion
>question.  I hope will be sufficiently provokative and maybe
>even contentious so we get some traffic flowing:
>Do you think women have to be better than men to gain the
>same level of success in science?  Why or why not?
>DON'T REPLY to the email address in header.
>It's an anti-spam.  Use the one below.
>Visit the Women in Biology Internet Launch Page:
>S L Forsburg, PhD  forsburg at
>Molecular Biology and Virology Lab
>The Salk Institute, La Jolla CA
>"These are my opinions.  I don't have
>time to speak for anyone else."

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