couples in the same dept

Ann Magnuson ann.magnuson at
Thu Jun 4 19:00:14 EST 1998

Hi all,  this question is a tough one and I don't have a good solution, but I felt I 
had to comment:

Rae Nishi wrote:
> I would like to know what you think about hiring couples into the same
> dept.  
> ... there is a very large risk involved in hiring both
> because if one failed, the other would leave as well.

And therefore you shouldn't even try? It would be a pity if they left of course, but 
that is a risk you always have to take.

> The benefits are
> perceived to be that one might be able to attract two outstanding
> scientists

What is wrong with attracting *one* outstanding scientist and one decent or   
not-so-outstanding teacher/scientist/technician/student? How about hiring one person 
you didn't consider at first, for the benefit of getting hold of the one you really 
want? This will greatly increase the chance of keeping that person at your department. 

> ... and that they may  strengthen one another's
> research programs by helping one another

Yes, I beleive this is true.

Just MHO,
Ann Magnuson
University of Lund, Sweden

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