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Laurel Bernstein lbernstein at isisph.com
Mon Jun 8 23:43:33 EST 1998

sunny N stewart wrote:
> I left the sciences because I found the road to success for me was >patent law.

  I've been working so hard to convince people that I *haven't* left
science, just because I do biotech patent law now instead of research!
Sunny, don't you work for a biotech company? Do you really feel you've
left science? It's a distinction I feel strongly about (because I use my
graduate and postdoc training at least as much now as when I was at the
bench, and I want my former research colleagues to recognize this) for
  This is a pet peeve of mine (as if you couldn't tell), but please be
assured I'm not trying to tell you your view is wrong- but since I don't
know what your work is like compared to my own, I'm curious about your
Laurel Bernstein

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