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John MacFarlane jmacfarl at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sat Jun 13 01:16:11 EST 1998

On 10 Jun 1998 ehudson at msuvx2.memphis.edu wrote:

> We are conducting research on this subject and could use any direction to web
> sources or news sources that anyone could suggest.  


I've just written a review of an excellent site called The Gateway,
address is: http://www.southern.com/natasha/women/gateway/gateway.htm

It's a list of internet WIS resources which is run by the WIS group of
Euroscience. Natasha Loder who runs this group has also set up a email
discussion list, email her for details (natasha at southern.com). You don't
HAVE to be a Euroscience member to join but Euroscience is a fairly new
group (aiming to be the European equivalent of AAAS) and needs all the
support it can get. I should point out that I am a member so this is not
completely an unbiased message.

The review that I've written will appear on Science's Next Wave this
Friday: http://www.nextwave.org.

We are currently trying to develop our WIS coverage and would welcome any
input, suggestions, articles etc.

All the best,

John MacFarlane
UK Editor, Science's Next Wave

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