When is the best time?

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Sun Jun 21 15:32:45 EST 1998

> From: Mary Ann Sesma <msesma at zeus.bell.k12.ca.us>
> .....[...].....
> I have had and will continue to have what I consider to be a life filled
> with unplanned events: valleys of dispair and peaks of adventure and
> the scars and accolades match.
> I would not trade my life for anything.
> SO--Carpe diem

Mary Ann, thank you once again for your wise perspective...
what a wonderful note.  I agree with you;  it is only now in my mid30s
that I have finally  realized that this is what I've got and I'd
better start living it.  It's too easy going through school, grad
school, postdoc to say "I just have to get through this and then
I can think about my life!"  I wish I had spent my 20s not living for
the future but for the present, taken more time outside the lab, and not
been in such a hurry ... 

(But don't tell my students that.  ;-)

Carpe diem indeed! 
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