If you could do it all over again

Dr. Paula J. Schlax pjschlax at JHUVMS.HCF.JHU.EDU
Mon Jun 22 12:24:18 EST 1998

I emailed the original poster, but I'll throw my voice here as well-
I am 31- I will start my first (hopefully only) tenure track position in
a few very short months. 

Child one is almost 4 and child 2 is almost 18 months. Number 1 was born
about 3 months before I defended and number 2 my second year of my

My husband has been at the same stage in his career as well.

The kids slow research down- I spend an awful amount of time
taking them to and picking them up from daycare.

We are broke- no European (or even North American) vacations in the 
near future- day care runs us 240/week- 

Seminars are typically at 4 or 4:15- and leaving here at 5:15 
won't allow me to get both kids in time to avoid late charges

I miss a lot of seminars- my husband covers for the ones I really wnat
to see.

The timing of the first one was nearly perfect for us- I was writing
while I was pregnant- and after I had her and defended, I was able to 
lecture part time and then work on curriculum development (things that
really helped me get my job)- my husband finished his degree amost 9
months after I did- so I had to do something....

Number 2 was harder- maybe because we already had one and were already
poor.  Dr. bills add up fast on student insurance. 

I wouldn't trade a second of it though. We knew early on we wanted
children and that there would be n rigt time- we went ahead anyway.

It is a tough decision- and both people involved (assuming there are
have to know that as much as they prepare, their lives will change in
many ways that they will never predict.

ANy opinions about the chicken pox vaccine (in response to Mary Ann's
earlier post- 20 days of work gone is scary.)


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