summer internships

Sat Nov 7 18:47:23 EST 1998

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a third year Biotechnology student in the National University of
Ireland Galway. As a third year I am expected to spend the summer months
in a Biotech lab to gain some experience before my final year. The
universities does allocate us in such labs but since only a limited
amount of these are outside Ireland I am trying to organise my own
internship. I would love to spend the summer on the west coast of the
U.S. but as you can imagine its quiet difficult getting addresses of
such companies/universities. If you know of any lab as mentioned could
you possibly  send me addresses of the above. I would especially like to
work in an area like San Diego. Thanking you for your time and I hope to
hear from you soon,
yours sincerely,
e-mail address:   martina.nichulain at

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