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There is a major source of bigraphical material on Susan Forsburg "Launch
Pad" It covers a wide variety of
ethnicities.  If you go into SACNAS there are biographies of Native
Americans and Chicanos who have made major achievenents in science.  This
bio page is organized as a search engine  by science, gender etc.  Very

Group work:  4-5 is right, but you have to find the leaders who will spur
the individual groups along.
Make the group responsible for group assignments.   I have  found the
following technique useful:
it may work for you.   The kids are not pushing themselves, and they do not
know how to develop problems for themselves.  What I do and did was to set
up a situation, and demonstrate the methodology involved and the questions
that I would have to answer inorder to resolve the situation(problem).  I
spent a lot of time, put it paid off.  Then they were off and running.
Some of those problems(situtations) were down right ludicrous but it served
to make the point.

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