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I have just discovered an excellent new page with some provocative
papers on th subject of women in science.  The following quote might be
an interesting topic for us to discuss.

> According to Holton, women's professional conduct can be summed up in
> four words: they are less careerist. Among the men and women
> interviewed, a very frequent observation in was, not surprisingly,
> that male scientists on the road to their career success are more
> aggressive, combative and self-promoting. The women were more likely
> than the men to emphasize that one of the best things about
> scientific research was the intellectually stimulating process. "But
> ironically, when this joy is not matched with political savvy, it can
> slow one's career, at least in the short run," Holton observes.
> While the gender differences may be slight, Holton believes they are
> significant. "Women are more vocal about valuing broad or
> comprehensive research projects that are also characterized by
> integrity and thoroughness, rather than cutting corners to gain
> career advantage by higher output of what they might perceive as less
> serious work. These self-reports and interviews bolster the
> hypotheses for explaining the productivity gap, as well as the higher
> citation rate of women's publications," Holton concludes.

The interesting site containing this and other essays is part of
Scientific American's website and can be found at

There is also a link from the Women in Biology Internet launch page

So, do you agree with this broad painting of how women do science?

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