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A philosophy of teaching which may or may not spark infinite debate.   Yes,
you are so right most us have not given time and effort to evolve a
philosophy because of other duties (research, grants, etc, etc).  The
primary issue as I see it is  that the university looks down on "teaching".
Yet as a university person,you  are being asked to formulate a philosophy
of education which directly impacts on teaching and learning.   Better that
you formulate a philosophy that connects teaching  and learning.-they are
both separate acts and require , as I perceive, different types of
behaviors. Unless these two sets of behaviors are connected there is not
going to be either teaching or learning.

 If you cannot tie learning to reality and you cannot (as teacher)
"connect" with the student  in the early stages of university or college,
the theoritical issues  which maybe the foundation become highly obscure
and nigh impossible.    Consider the college student who could not master
mechanics in the early levels of physics-how much chance do you have for
this individual to work at CERN?  I know in my own learning: I dive into
reality and then move to theory.  and back and forth.

So it becomes an issue of the teacher is the learner and the learner is the
teacher: both must interact.  It is amazing how much teachers can learn
>From learners.   Therefore CF's  comment on illumination was appropriate.
Yet the illumination may come  from unique sources and an entire "pharmacy"
of different pedagoical methods.

Now if we want to go into pedagogy--that is a different issue and I can
carry on for pages and pages -which I would rather not.

My RED FLAG!!!! would go up if the duality of teaching and learning were
not mentioned. How can you measure both?   The measurement of outcomes
becomes increasingly intense as we move up the ladder of education.

I am sending you by private e-mail a professional paper that I am working
on. This is a draft only.

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