Socialization? (Was: on line papers....)

Harlequin Harlequin at
Fri Nov 13 10:00:44 EST 1998

one thing i regret most about the man-women discussions in general and,
more specifically, in the previous post, is the fingerpointing in which we
are likely to engage. somehow the majority of discussions all seem to end
the same way (a creation of a 'they' and an 'us' which compete or struggle
in one way or another), which is harmful to 
a) the discussion in general and 
b) the position of women therein in particular.

i think it to be most constructive to accept the fact that struggles are a
part of life and not a fact of intersexual relationships. granted, the
struggles in those relations are somewhat different, but a discussion about
this seems more appropriate on a 'men are from mars' type of channel

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