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> Mentoring tends not to be on the radar screen of anyone.  Where does it
> fit into research, teaching, and service?

I consider mentoring to be part of "teaching" and calculate it
accordingly when asked to categorize the percent time I spend on the
three activities every quarter.  Teaching is not just giving lectures
or standing in a practical laboratory pointing out structures--
"teaching" graduate students is a serious responsibility that involves
training, mentoring, advising etc.  It takes a hell of alot more time
than teaching med students.  Everytime my chair points out that we are
not spending much time "teaching" (ie., "lecturing") I point out that
training grad students is alot more of a time commitment.  I am on the
P & T committee for the School of Medicine, and, at least here at OHSU,
we do take into consideration grad student training as part of
teaching.  Likewise, being on qualifyng exams and thesis committees
count, too.

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