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Update on Career Questionnaire
>Previous posts in this group have mentioned a career survey that is being
>undertaken by interested members of this group. Below is an update on our
>progress. A copy of the questionnaire can be found at
>On August 10, an initial query letter was sent to two universities
>(a total of four departments).  Our goal was to obtain lists of former
>students who received their Ph.D.s between 1987 and 1991 and their contact
>information. The Departments of  Immunology/Microbioloby and Anatomy at
>UCSF both responded that they would be unable to participate. We have not
>heard from the UCSF Department of Biochem/Biophysics nor from the
>Department of Biology at MIT. Follow-up letters are being sent to these
>two programs to again ask for their cooperation.
>Because of our slow progress, we are asking individuals on the Women in
>Bio list to assist us in making contact with earned doctorates from
>these two universities in the years 1987-1991. We believe a contact from
>an alumna might be more effective than our previous efforts. If you
>received your graduate degree from either of the two programs, please let
>us know if you would be willing to contact your former department on our
>behalf. All we are asking from the departments is to provide us with a
>list of names and last known contact information, so their involvement is
>only a one-time administrative task. Alternatively, if you are an alumna
>and yourself have a list of grads during the target years (even without
>contact information--we will take what we can get), please let us know
>if you would be willing to share this with us. The information will be
>used only to send questionnaires to the graduates; their names will not be
>placed on mailing lists or shared with any other groups. Tracing
>classmates is not easy. If you can help, we greatly appreciate your
>assistance and advice.

Mary Ann


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