Aspiring/Faltering Herpetologist

Amy mikenaim at
Wed Apr 21 08:46:32 EST 1999

I need a few inspiring words from my role models....

Prepare to hear some griping and whining:
I am an UG student in Biology and I hope to, someday, far-far-away, become a in Higher research on diversity of
Ampibian reproductive mechanisms...etc...

But, I am losing it. The motivation to finish and the belief that I will
actually achieve these goals is dwindling. After High school, I went to ODU
for 3 years and ran out of money. So, I joined the U. S. Coast Guard for 4
years so that I could get the G.I. Bill.

Then, I went back to school at UNF for 1 and a half years. The brilliance is
gone! Did I lose a tremendous amount of brain cells in the military? Did
they beat the motivation/ambition out of me? I'm not the same student that I
was six years ago. I started at UNF with a 4.0 and ended with a 2.53 GPA. 

I took last semester off because I got married (added stress with the
wedding and all) and I didn't want to waste my G. I. Bill money on such poor
achievement. I want to have a baby before I turn 30.

How can all of this be done? I want it all - family, career,
self-satisfaction and as much education as I can cram into my little brain.

Opportunity arises: I work as a graphic artist when I am able to because
it's a little skill/talent that I have that makes pretty good cash. My
current boss is verbally abusive, sexually descriminating/harrassing and the
shop is not in compliance with OSHA (which gives headaches and nausea)
so...I approached him and he basically told me that if I didn't like it I
could leave.

Here's my chance/excuse to make a clean break and resume full-time studies.
But, I am afraid of failure and lack of motivation, again. Registration
starts on April 21st.

Griping is Over:

Now please tell me...How did you do it? What thought got you through? How
did you handle the family vs. career thing? Has anyone else experienced a
two year rut?

Tell me straight up, and don't sugar coat I just not cut out for a
life of academics? 

Any response would be appreciated. Thanks

Amy :)

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