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Thu Feb 4 21:21:41 EST 1999

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I am teaching for the first time, a community college class on Human
biology.  We just finished a section on evolution and I was STUNNED to
discover that the majority of my class thinks that science is out to
disprove religion.
  There was nary a person in my class of 60 who thought that scientists
could be Chrisitian.  I pointed out that scientists have more than
enough inexplicable things to work on in the natural world without
delving into the supernatural.
  But, I was hoping that a scientist in this group, who has put together

for themselves, a nuts and bolts explanation of how the creation story
works into evolution could pass it to me.  Therefore, I could say in
class ... "some scientists believe..."
  Feel free to nail me if this is a bad idea.  My main goal is to give
these students who are unaquainted with science an appreciation for
science, especially biology.  I sure don't want them to think scientists

are out to GET THEM.
  Thanks for your help
  Denise Signorelli PhD

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