INCIID has Infertility and Adoption Answers

Nancy INCIIDInfo at
Wed Jan 13 00:50:45 EST 1999

Twenty Five reproductive endocrinologists, reproductive surgeons,
urologists/andrologists, therapists, attorneys and other experts.
Specialists patient questions regarding infertility, recurrent pregnancy
loss and adoption for FREE in 40 different, subject-specific, interactive
forums.   You can find the expert to answer YOUR questions at the "INCIID
Interactive Hub," located at

INCIID also offers more than 30 fact sheets, written by a panel of renowned
experts, on medical and legal aspects of infertility at, including our popular and informative fact
sheet covering what should be included in a basic infertility workup
(  You can also find out about the
latest infertility technologies at
Unlike some fertility sites, which offer patient-written information,
folklore and consumer theories, INCIID's content represents a consensus of
medical opinions about the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and
pregnancy loss.
Theresa Venet Grant
INCIID President

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