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Wed Mar 17 16:01:33 EST 1999

>Did anyone see the piece on Sunday Morning, with Charles Osgood which
>aired yesterday, March 14?
>There was a piece on WHY GIRLS DON'T LIKE SCIENCE.  As a mentor of girls
>and young women, I found it to be timely.
>Any interesting chatter on this topic?

Lots of interest!  (and how can I get a copy of the program?)  I've been
asked, as a scientist, to address a conference of women educators (mostly
masters in education degrees) on how to interest girls in science.  While I
have a lot of research data from AWIS articles and web links, and some
personal perspectives, I feel rather out of my league and I'm in sponge mode
at the moment.  

As an aside, I feel its important for people, and women especially, to get
science degrees for reasons beyond PhDs and research.  More and more jobs
require math and technical skills, and a science or math degree may well be
the "liberal arts" degree of the future.  In addition to teachers with
science backgrounds, we need politicians with science backgrounds, lawyers
with science backgrounds, businesspeople with science backgrounds, etc. etc.
 But if women don't even pursue the BS because they were turned off to
science in jr high, they'll be shut out of some of the more financially
rewarding careers in the next 10-20 years.  As the mother of a high school
age daughter who checked off every major EXCEPT science on a recent survey
>From a potential college, I  agreed to speak to this group. 

1) can anyone suggest work done on girls in K-12 science that I may have

2) do you have any insights you'd like to share (on or off the newsgroup) as
to why/when you became interested in science?

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