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>2) do you have any insights you'd like to share (on or off the newsgroup) as
>to why/when you became interested in science?
Julia-The right teachers make a world of difference.  One of my favorite
teachers in HS was my bio teacher.  She indirectly sparked my interest in
nutrition.  We also had the opportunity to take genetics senior year with
her instead of physics.  We did a fruit fly breeding experiment that most
people do in college (this was in the era before recombinant DNA, for you
youngsters).  Mrs. Lincoln made up for the other science teachers that I
had, who were ineffective at best and incompetent at worst.

Science teachers should have to major in *science*, not education.  I
don't have anything against schools of education per se (our school of
education pulls in more grant $ than the other units on campus), but
pedagogy only goes so far.  Teaching science effectively isn't like
teaching social studies, you have to get your hands dirty.  Although I
understand the animal rightists' concerns about dissections, a computer
program is a poor substitute.  Cell culture is a good thing to work with
in HS.  Most classrooms aren't going to have laminar flow hoods, but
students may be able to do some rudimentary plant or animal cell work.


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