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>This one is easy. When I was a little girl, my dad was a chemistry lab
>tech and my mom was a medical lab tech. They got to play with REALLY cool
>toys and both came up with nifty little experiments for us to do at home.
>When the lab got new high tech microscopes, dad picked up an old one for
>VERY cheap and mom would show us the wonderful world at 400X.
>We spent very many Sundays at the Science Museum of Minnesota, even before
>they built the cool new one. We always had National Geographic around the
>This was not fool-proof to generate technogeek kids, however. My brother
>is most definitely NOT into science. But I have a feeling this was a
>phobia that was kind of expected of him. I was good at math and he
>struggled and the message was "Well, Linnea is more like your dad, and you
>are more like me. I hated math." This from mom, who can do calculations in
>her head. I think her problem was that it was boring and tedious to
>actually go through the steps that her brain did automatically.
Linnea-My dept chair tried to get his sons interested in science when they
were kids.  Supposedly he went so far as to hang the periodic table over
the boys' cribs.  One is finishing a bachelors degree in music, and the
other (at last word-he's still finding himself) is a business major.


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