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This essay ( discusses
the leaking pipeline ca. 1997.  It includes an annotated bibliography.
Particularly relevant is the following excerpt:

> Younger women frequently point to boredom, lack of interest, or a
> perceived lack of ability as primary reasons for
> choosing non-science careers. Women who are further 
> along in their pursuit of SEM careers
> generally cite as their reasons for leaving isolation, 
> frustration, and a perceived or actual
> inability to advance in the SEM ranks. 
> Authorities frequently point to the lack of
> available mentors and role models as the crucial 
> factor in the dissatisfaction of women of all
> ages with SEM careers. Rather than receive 
> positive images of women in SEM fields, girls
> are often discouraged from pursuing these 
>  fields even in today's classrooms and
> families. Thirty-four percent of high school aged girls 
>  reported being advised by a faculty member not
> to take senior math, as compared to 26 
>   percent of boys. The comparable statistics for
> a senior science course were 32 percent versus 
> 26 percent......

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