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Wed Mar 24 11:56:08 EST 1999

Limbic Lady wrote:
> Did anyone see the piece on Sunday Morning, with Charles Osgood which
> aired yesterday, March 14?
> There was a piece on WHY GIRLS DON'T LIKE SCIENCE. 
> As a mentor of girls and young women, I found it to be timely. 
> Any interesting chatter on this topic?

Sorry I missed the program.  I liked science, and I still like
it, but it bothered me that science was really forced on me
in school.

Our school district became sensitized to the low numbers of 
girls in science classes the year I was in ninth grade (late
70s).  All the girls who had gotten an A in 9th grade math and
general science classes were hauled in for an individual
meeting with the vice-principal and were essentially told to
pick all science electives for the next two years. Forget about 
art, band, more history or languages.  "We think you can do
this, so do it."  Obviously they didn't present it as wanting
to boost their numbers and appear more to be a more enlightened
school board!  So I did it - I liked science anyway, growing
up in a biologist's household, and stayed with it through college.
However, I'm NOT a scientist - I enjoy being on the periphery of
it, contributing in a sideways manner, but I am not interested
in doing research myself.  Unfortunately, it took me many years
to figure that out, because I had it drilled into me that I
"could do it" - no-one ever asked if I WANTED to do it.  

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