need help with suggested readings concerning biology and sex/gender

Björn bpernrud at
Thu Oct 7 08:52:01 EST 1999

In a swedish televison show concerning sports and gender, it was told that
during some or other olympics, the question if all the female contestants
really were women, was raised, and in order to settle this issue systematic
testings were initiated. The general idea during these testings were that,
for any person, his or her "sex-chromosemes" would indicate wheter the
subject were male or female. However, the testings showed several deviances
>From what was expected, i.e. some of the women turned out to have "male"
"sexchromosomes", and yet others were indeterminable. During the olympics
this was taken to suggest that some of the female contestants actually were
men, with the effect that they were not allowed to compete. Quite horrofying
indeed... Well, to the point; has anyone heard of this incident, and can
tell me where I can read more about it?

I am also interested in suggested readings concerning more general issues in
biology and sex/gender. How does a biologist claiming that a persons sex is
determinable from biology go about? What methods are used? Do you know of
any litterture, preferable an anthology containing articles concerning such
methods and the problems they raise?


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