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Bharathi Jagadeesh bjag at
Mon Oct 11 17:22:32 EST 1999

> From: lisa vaillancourt
> Subject: moderator
> Date: 10 Oct 1999 22:05:14 -0700
> Hey, how come my posting a few days back asking a question about potential
> studies of manuscript rejection rates of women versus men apparently did
> not clear the moderator, but one advertising a free pregnancy test did??
> Something is wrong here!


As far as I know, this group is moderated only by machine, so I think
what's wrong is the generic algorithms.. Several of us have had
difficulty in the past in posting through our regular mail servers. Some
of those "issues" have been resolved by talking to the sysadmins at the

I've only been reliable successful at posting when posting through the
bionet site:

Bharathi Jagadeesh

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