Science Expedition to Sumatra-call for members

A. Bodine geo at
Fri Oct 22 11:23:26 EST 1999

Geo Specialists, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement
of science and conservation is seeking participants for an upcoming
expedition reconnaissance to the Mountains of One Thousand Caves region
of West Sumatra, Indonesia.  This reconnaissance will involve jungle and
cave exploration, field camping and limited data recovery.  Participants
will be expected to partake in all aspects of this reconnaissance.  Site
location is in a remote and inhospitable jungle environment.  Applicants
should be in good physical condition and be able to withstand extended
periods of discomfort.  Involvement is subject to Geo Specialists
approval and a $4,000 all inclusive, tax deductible donation.  Catch us
in September 1998's National Geographic (Borneo's White Mountain) and
currently on the Outdoor Life Channel's Adventure Quest Series.  For
more information about Geo Specialists visit us at
or contact us directly at sumatra at

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