GenBank user questionnaire

Becky Norum bnorum at
Sat Oct 30 09:08:22 EST 1999

I am a first year graduate student in Information Systems with a
Bachelor's in Biochemistry.  For one of my courses, we are required to
evaluate a computer-based information system.  I chose GenBank.  Part of
the evaluation involved getting user feedback about the system. I've
prepared a questionnaire; if you have a few free minutes to respond I
would appreciate it.  Any one who is interested in a summary of the data
should let me know with their response.

Thank you for your time,

Becky Norum
bnorum at

p.s. Just hit the Reply To: button and it should come right back to me.

GenBank Research Questionnaire

Please place an x in the appropriate box for each questions.  Comments are
welcome for all questions.

1) What is your occupation?  (e.g. research scientist, graduate student,

2) How often do you access the GenBank archives?
[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Infrequently

3) How do you access the GenBank archives?
[ ] Web
[ ] Email searches
[ ] Locally stored copy
[ ] Other:_______

4) What application(s) do you use to search the GenBank archives?    
[ ] Entrez
[ ] Other:______

5) What application do you use the most?
[ ] Entrez
[ ] Other:______

(#6 and #7 are for web users)

6) How reliable do you find access to GenBank to be?
[ ] Very reliable
[ ] Fairly reliable
[ ] Unreliable

7) If you access GenBank over the web, what kind of time lag do you get?
Is this satisfactory?

(#8 - #10 are for Entrez users)                   

8) Is GenBank easy to search?  Are there fields you would add/remove?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

9) Is the GenBank report format easy to understand?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

(# 10 is for BLAST users)

10) Do you find BLAST easy to use?

(The remaining questions are for all users.)

11) Does the information returned usually meet your needs.  If not, what
is missing?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No                   

12) Upon retrieval, is the information easy/hard to manipulate using other
[ ] Hard
[ ] Not easy, but it can be done without too much trouble.
[ ] Easy

13) How accurate do you find the information in GenBank?
[ ] Very accurate
[ ] Moderately accurate
[ ] Not very accurate
[ ] It's a mess!

14) Are you likely to continue to use GenBank in the future?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

15) Do you currently use alternatives to GenBank (e.g. TIGR, or a subset
of the GenBank data such as LocusLink)?  If so, what databases do you use?
[ ] Yes                                          
[ ] No
Comment: ____

Any additional comments you have can be placed below, for example, why
you prefer another database and want to say why; or what you see as the
future of GenBank, etc.

Again, I appreciate your time and effort.


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