creating XY coordinates

Megan mpeach at
Mon Sep 13 10:04:35 EST 1999

Lelia C. Orrell wrote:
> Hello (I apologize for cross posting),
> Does anyone know of a way to automatically /electronically create XY
> coordinates from an electronic image?  I can place the cursor over the
> data point and hand record the XY coordinate that way, but... 

There is a nifty little shareware program called TechDig, which lets
you pull out numerical data points from a scanned image.  You click
with the mouse on the ends of the axes, to establish the scale, and
then click on each data point and the X and Y values get written
to a text file.

You can download TechDig from ZDNet's software library: (type TechDig in the search box)
It runs on Windows only.

Hope this helps,

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