Karen Wheless kwheless at
Mon Aug 7 12:44:18 EST 2000

> Also I've been wondering what is the average range of a professor
> salary?  I've seen the range in industry and have looked into that job
> market a little but it's hard to find out academic salary info.

I don't have exact numbers (although you might check the ACS salary
survey, they usually have some numbers for academia).  However, one
thing to take into account is the location.  Numbers don't tell the
whole story.  I went from a grad student with a tiny stipend living in a
small college town in Georgia to an industrial job in suburban New York.
My salary went up more than five times.  However, the purchasing power
of that salary definitely did not go up five times, I actually live in a
much smaller apartment and spend a larger percent of my salary on rent
than I did as a struggling grad student!  So cost of living makes a huge
difference.  The same paycheck may be generous in Alabama and poverty
level in California.

Karen Wheless

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