Hidden cost of academe?

Paula Jean Schlax pschlax at abacus.bates.edu
Wed Aug 9 10:51:44 EST 2000

For some info on salaries (including postdoc salaries) also check:


These are median salaries, not average. I did a lot of studying when I was
looking for jbs, and there are cost of living calculators for different
cities on the web. They tell you about the average cost of a home,
average rent etc.... They also will tell you what effective change in
salary you will have.  (One thing that didn't seem factored in was daycare-
which varies widely accross the country.)

It's pretty interesting that the biological sciences are on the low end of
the median salaries.

Paula Schlax

SLF wrote:

> Re the current discussion, check out the following article
> (http://chronicle.com/jobs/2000/08/2000080403c.htm)
> on the Chronicle of Higher Education career site.

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