Hidden cost of academe?

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Tue Aug 15 17:07:11 EST 2000

     Karen Lee wrote (snip)
     Perhaps things are better now than in the 1980's, but I wouldn't bet 
     on it.
     The attitude was that we should have been happy to have any kind of 
     support at all. (snip)

It hasn't changed much at all! My stipend last year was $16,500 (gross) on a 12 
month appointment, on which I did pay taxes (NY state, NY City, and federal). 
Monthly income after taxes was $900, of which my share of a 2-bedroom dormitory 
apartment on campus would eat up $600/month. If you lived off-campus, studios in
decent places are $800/month and up, not to mention they are a subway/bus ride 
away from campus ($3/day). Out of the rest came school fees, books, and the 
occasional bus ticket home! If this was intended to be a strong biological 
selection for the survivors, it's working! (grin)

Many times during the reorganization of our programs 2 years ago it was brought 
up that grad students were not being paid a living wage. Professors would speak 
of surviving grad school on Ramen noodles, beans & rice, and vending machines as
if it were a badge of honor or rite of passage.

grad student, Brooklyn NY


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