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Given all the recent chatter about post-doc' working conditions here, I 
thought I'd forward this e-mail from our post-doc' officer at UAB.....

>Dear Postdoctoral Scholars,
>The following is an announcement from The Committee on Science, Engineering,
>and Public Policy (COSEPUP) regarding their guide to be released on Sept.
>11.  Dr. Benveniste would like to encourage you to listen to the briefing or
>to read the guide on their website.
>Sharon Johnston
>Office of Postdoctoral Education
>Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers
>                               The National Academies
>                              Cecil and Ida Green Building
>                               2001 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
>                         Monday, Sept. 11 at 10 am (EASTERN)
>                                       Room 104
>                                 AND VIA LIVE WEBCAST
>       To  carry  out  their  research  endeavors,  U.S.  universities  and
>    research organizations have come to rely more heavily on a growing
>    of postdoctoral scholars working on a full-time, but temporary, basis to
>    additional  experience  for a professional career.  Employment conditions
>    these  junior researchers vary, and for many postdocs, their experiences
>    short of expectations.
>       The  Committee  on  Science,  Engineering,  and Public Policy
>    joint  committee  of  the  National  Academy of Sciences, National
>Academy of
>    Engineering,   and  Institute  of  Medicine--offers  its  assessment  of
>    postdoctoral  experience  and  provides  principles  and  recommendations
>    enhancing  it.   Its new guide will be released at a one-hour public
>    beginning  at 10 a.m. EASTERN on Monday, Sept. 11.  Maxine Singer,
>    Carnegie  Institution  of  Washington,  Washington,  D.C.  will be on
>hand to
>    discuss  the  report's  findings  and advice.  All are welcome to attend
>    free  event  in  Room  104  of the National Academies Green Building at
>    Wisconsin Avenue, NW.
>       This public briefing will also be available via a LIVE WEBCAST.  We
>    like to especially encourage postdocs, researchers, and administrators
>    throughout the country to listen to the public briefing.  In order to
>    to the Webcast, you will need to use RealPlayer software, available for
>    at <> . You can
>submit questions to Dr. Singer using
>    an e-mail form at
><> .
>      Anyone  attending  the  briefing  OR participating in the LIVE WEBCAST
>    outside  the  Washington  DC  area will receive a FREE COPY OF THE GUIDE
>    participants  will be sent a copy of the guide via snail mail if they
>send an
>    email  during  the  live  broadcast  requesting  a copy.  Please provide
>    mailing address unless you have already provided it on the form below).
>      Space is limited (both for the briefing room and the number of
>    Web  audio  streams  we can provide).  So, if you are interested in
>    the   public   briefing   or  listening  to  the  Webcast,  please  email
>    rburka at <mailto:rburka at>  or fax to 202-334-1667 the
>following information BY WEDNESDAY,
>    SEPTEMBER 6th, so we have sufficient room (and audio streams) available:
>    NAME:________________________________________
>      will be attend the public briefing   ____in person
>                          ____via the webcast
>    TITLE:_________________________________________
>    ORGANIZATION:________________________________
>    ADDRESS:_____________________________________
>    ADDRESS:_____________________________________
>    CITY, STATE, ZIP:_______________________________
>    EMAIL:_________________________________________
>    PHONE:________________________________________
>    FAX:___________________________________________
>      If  you are unable to attend the briefing, a full text version of the
>will be available at COSEPUP's Webguide to Enhancing the Postdoctoral
>for  Scientists and Engineers at
><>  beginning at
>12 noon on September 11th.

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