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Linnea Ista lkista at unm.edu
Tue Jun 6 16:10:50 EST 2000

bmartin at utmem.edu wrote:

> In article <393BEFE4.E9D70403 at unm.edu>, Linnea Ista <lkista at unm.edu>
> wrote:
> > Business is way ahead of us in the sense that it is
> > recognized there that diversity means more innovation.
> Industry wants diversity of ethnic groups, racial groups, and gender
> for political gain, but not in the talent pool.  They have a need, they
> fill it with folks of expertise and are not very willing to consider
> broadly trained people as candidates to be trained for the need.  Once
> the need is over, it can be over for the individual.
> Innovative ideas still come primarily from independent entrepeneurs and
> academics.
> B. Martin

I am curious as to the source for this assertion, even if it is your own

The lore around here, at least amongst the students of color,  is that
industry is the way to go because there is much less bull to put up with.
I know from what I have heard around here, for example, Intel is a much
preferable employer to Sandia Labs, which is still predominantly white and
male -- and very conservative socially.  Granted, I am mostly in contact
with engineering students.   Now of course this may be a factor that there
are simply more people around  at Intel that "look like me" entering into
the equation, but there IS something to be said for that, believe me.  I
also have some input from my husband, who is a contractor at Intel right
now that at least they emphasize that diversity is important. I have not
found that to be the case as much at the Univerity.

Unfortunately the "individual entrepeneurs" that I have come into contact
with have not been, for the most part, very progressive in their attitude
towards women or people of color either, but to be fair, it is just a small
sample size.


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