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Julia Frugoli jfrugoli at bio.tamu.edu
Tue Jun 6 18:19:39 EST 2000

Paul Brookes wrote:

"WRT to the race stat's, a quick question - you said that black women earn
66% of what Anglo men do.  What is the comparison with black men - i.e. do
black women earn the same fraction of pay relative to men, as in the anglo
community, or is it worse still?  This would be quite a revealing stat'"

I miss your point here.  Is it somehow less upsetting if the ratio of
earnings rises if you compare them to a more underpaid group? They still
make 66% of what the best paid group does, which I think was the point.  Why
would it be a revealing stat?  I can pretty much guarantee that black men as
a group make less than Anglo men, so I can't see how the ratio would be


"Not all images of scientists are bad though - and I think anyone who
subscribes to this theory has been watching a little too much star trek ;-)"

A few years ago on this list we tried to compile a list of positive female
scientist role models in literature and movies.  Despite a lot of input, the
list was dreadfully short and included some characters that, while they were
likeable and female and scientists, were weak and ineffectual and "saved" by
the wise male scientist in the story.  Actually, some of the better role
models were Star Trek characters, so I don't think I see this point either. 

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