undecided between MS and PhD

Jane Harper jharper at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 7 11:46:30 EST 2000

I've been reading this ng for some months with great interest.  I'm a
second-career person in transition -- I started a PhD in nursing almost
ten years ago and had to drop out because there's no financial support
in that discipline.  Now I'm retired disabled from nursing and need to
retool for another career, and I'm torn between doing an MS in biology
and getting a job in biotech or finishing up my PhD, only in hard
neuroscience science rather than in neuroscience nursing (quite a few of
the courses overlap).  I'm wheelchair-dependent, but that shouldn't
matter in a lab (or would it?); the greater influence is the fact that
I'm 48 years old.

What would you all advise, the MS or the PhD?  Or the MS THEN the PhD? 
Or will my disability and/or my age make either one exceedingly

Thanks in advance for your input.

Jane Harper, MS, RN, C

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