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Maybe my articulation was not quite clear.    The point I said would be 
interesting is if the ratio of black women:back men's salaries is the same 
as the ratio of white women:white men's salaries, i.e. is the balance more 
or less emphasized within any particular racial group?

WRT images in the media, I'm not sure anyone beyond the age of about 15 
(i.e. when you're deciding what to do in life) really pays much attention 
to role models they see on TV and in the movies.  Sure, all boys want to be 
fighter pilots at a certain age, and infact I knew from a very early age 
(like 8-10) that I wanted to be a scientist.  Surprisingly, nothing I saw 
on TV between then and when I made career choices at school changed this 

In fact, I'd even go so far as to say we don't want to give kids a false 
impression that science is a glamorous career.  We already have problems 
with people leaving the profession dis-enamoured.  At least a few such 
departures could have been avoided if these people were told the truth from 
the start.  At least that way we only spend precious training funds on 
those who are serious about it, rather than providing a "clearing house" 
for schools throwing out delinquents who only end up doing a degree to keep 
themselves occupied until something better comes along.

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