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>My other concern was that while the students were enjoying and
benefitting from the experience, it seemed unlikely that they
would go on with science in the future.

OK, I haven't read the article yet, but at least these kids will
grow up with a good knowledge of science, whether they go on to
scientific careers or not.

>One in particular stated that he wanted to earn more
money....so I was worried about the future, not where they are
>Our culture has moved to a place where financial
self-indulgence beats out intellectual challenge, and people
value themselves on the money they earn. That's sad.

I don't know what level of money the student was talking about,
but are we talking about financial self-indulgence or simply
financial stability? Maybe he was worried about the future, too
(although at that age, probably not). And it's not like all other
jobs are lacking intellectual challenges.

Right now I'm wondering if my combined 10 years of grad school
postdoc'ing were really worth it at all. With a job in industry
I'm finally making decent money but it was a long hard road
financially. Was the intellectual self-indulgence worth it?


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