role models and disenchantment

Jane Harper jharper at
Wed Jun 7 17:44:12 EST 2000

Julia Frugoli wrote:
> I think there's something here-perhaps women jump off the treadmill earlier
> because they see no reward, while men see other men as successful and so are
> inspired through those long years of poverty/little reward.


Golly, do you suppose this is reflective of how few of us have spouses
that are willing to work their tails off to put us through school, the
way we were expected (as a gender) to do for them not too awful many
years ago?


Seriously, the ones who made it through the doctoral program in nursing
that I had to drop out of were, by and large, the ones with working
spouses who made an order of magnitude more money.  At least that was my
observation ...

Jane Harper

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