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Julia Frugoli jfrugoli at bio.tamu.edu
Thu Jun 8 09:44:40 EST 2000

Just want to weigh in on Susan's suggestion here-this is a great, deep
issue-and you'll recognize some of the names !  And for those of you who are
AWIS members, you get a free next wave subscription as part of the
collaboration between Science and AWIS.

>Check out the new issue of Science Magazine's e-zine Nextwave--an issue
>about women in science.

Also, I gave a recommendation of a book yesterday in the newsgroup and got
the title wrong (what happens when you have several similar books on the
shelf.)  Emily Toth's book is "Ms Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in
Academia".  The book I mixed it with, which has a different tone, but I also
recommend, is Paula Caplan's "Lifting a Ton of Feathers: A Guide to Women's
Survival in Academia".

Even my husband devoured Ms Mentor's book-it's hard to not have run into at
least a few of her "situations" in the long road through academics.

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