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> Paul-I can tell you work predominantly in a medical school environment
> from your above comments.  Those of us teaching undergrads at public
> universities and trying to do research (not to mention write grants to
> fund said research) and trying to do the committee/service stuff in our
> "spare time" (what spare time?) have a huge responsibility factor.  The
> bean counters and the State Legislatures expect us to justify our
> existence on an almost daily basis.  Because I have a joint appointment, I
> have to write two annual reports--in different formats and different time
> frames, of course.  There are times when I think about going back to
> working at a med school where I could concentrate on research and just
> dabble in teaching.  However, I like teaching too much.  These days I
> think more about going to a smaller school where I can just teach.  Money
> is not the most important issue for me, it's personal satisfaction.  I
> might make lots of money in the private sector, but at what cost?

I am not sure if you would be happier at a Med school anymore.  With
reent changes in health coverages and the funding dilemmas, Med schools
are getting to be pretty miserable places to work unless you are the
disease of the month.  And basic research is getting little respect at

B. Martin

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