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Kristin Henry krhenrysmapfree at
Sat Jun 17 07:23:26 EST 2000

Greetings all,

As a new mother, I've noticed a curious trend.  Very soon after my daughter
was  born, the pressure on my husband to complete his disertation amplified
from all directions.  At the same time, I found it difficult to meet the
academic schedule demands for my own coursework (in computer science).   If
the baby has a bad reaction to a vaccination, the programming project just
isn't going to be completed on time.

How did I solve this problem?  I've put my plans for advanced academic
studies of computational biology on hold, and am working for myself now.
Creating a new career can be frustrating at times, but has its own rewards.
One of them is that I set my own deadlines.

--Kristin Henry
kristin at

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