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A fact worth considering is that with the lack of reasonably priced 
childcare, the only way most families can survive is to have one parent 
work and the other stay at home.  It is un-economical for both parents to 
work, if one of their salaries is being spent entirely on childcare 
costs.  So, what happens?  They see the economic stupidity of this (and the 
improvement in the quality of life for the child by having a parent care 
for it)  and one of them quits.  Given what has already been said WRT 
salary imbalances between men and women, this is usually the woman, for 
purely economic reasons.  So, the imbalance in the number of women vs. men 
who quit after a child arrives can be accounted for at least in part by the 
salary imbalance that exists - it is cheaper for the woman to quit.  Of 
course, there is still the argument about who's job in the partnership is 
"more important", but in these frugal times, economics must play a large 
part in the decision?


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