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Tue Jun 20 06:01:35 EST 2000

> I also have to ask about where the expression "in these frugal times" comes
> from.  To my understanding, we're in the midst of the largest, longest
> economic expansion in US history.  There are fewer unemployed people and
> more millionaires that ever before.  Even in conservative academia, in my
> own field I see universities pouring megabucks into new facilities and
> positions to take advantage of the biotech boom (the advisability of which I
> won't discuss).  It doesn't get much better than this economically, so if we
> can't pull even now economically, imagine what will happen when the economy
> contracts (some people think "if " the economy contracts, while I tend to be
> a pessimist).

This is only anecdotal, but I see a large dichotomy in the economy.  I
see new facilities and money for a few - and I see others struggling to
make it working at two or three part time instructor positions because
the universities aren't hiring full time faculty to replace the
retirees.  I see millionaires on one side, and 40 year old computer
workers being downsized because their benefit packages are too
expensive.  In my area, I see people who bought houses ten or twenty
years ago rejoicing because their houses have tripled in value - and
people in their 30's living in tiny apartments with two or three
roommates because they can't afford to pay the skyrocketing cost of
housing.  Just anecdotal, but unemployment rates don't tell the whole


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