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> Paul S. Brookes wrote:
> >A fact worth considering is that with
> >the lack of reasonably priced childcare,
> >the only way most families can survive
> >is to have one parent work and the other
> >stay at home.

> Now, I have hit societal pressures to stay home - that arguement about >it being better for the kids gets me from all sides.  Haven't really
>found it to be true.  It's been extremely valuable for me to have
>another adult who

I remember reading about a study which found that a happy, well-adjusted
mother generally raises happy and well-adjusted kids. It didn't matter
whether the mother worked or not, or if the kids were in day-care. What
mattered was how the mothers felt about their lives. Which really makes
sense, but studies like that just don't get the airplay other studies do.
A great book on things like that is "The Way We Never Were: American
Families and the Nostalgia Trap" by Stephanie Coontz. It's a wonderful
book, I highly recommend it.


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