When to use department letterhead?

Julia Frugoli jfrugoli at bio.tamu.edu
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>On 4 May 2000 11:17:49 +0100,
> una at mars.its.yale.edu (Una Smith) wrote:
>> This isn't very relevant to this newsgroup, but I'm sure I'm not the
>> only person who wonders...
>> When you were a graduate student or a postdoc on the job market, did
>> you use the letterhead of your current department in cover letters
>> for job applications?  Did your advisor or department encourage this?
>I never used the department letterhead in such cases. I am applying
>for the job not as a member of my department, but as a private 
>person. However, for job applications in an academic setting, 
>I listed both my private and my department address on my CV. 
>I think the CV is the place where it would belong, because it 
>lists your work experience. The cover letter is rather dedicated 
>to why you want/are suitable for the new job - which may mean 
>stating some of your work experience, but more in terms of 
>skills instead of institutions one has worked for. 
>But the department address never appeared on the cover letter.
>Oh, and I never discussed it with my advisor - I guess he either
>wouldn't have cared, or has the same opinion on this as I do. 
>But then, maybe it's different in the US - I live in Germany. 

I would say it's different in the US-most "how to get an academic job"
books/articles/websites that I've consulted recommend the department
letterhead-it's professional and implies the support of your
advisor/department.  My advisor and department, both as a grad student and a
postdoc, strongly encouraged this, whether it was applying for a job, a
fellowship, or just corresponding with someone in another lab.

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