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Diane sparkz at
Tue May 16 17:07:57 EST 2000


I have been reading the thread on choices as regards to career and
family.   I find the ideas very well articulated.   I thought to put my
two cents into the discussion.  I have only a B.Sc. degree.  I have
worked as a technician in a small Research/Production lab on the east
end of Long Island, NY.    We are affiliated with Cornell University but
have almost none of the educational opportunities to be found on
campus.   Over the course of 20 years I have worked in most of the
positions available at  the Lab until I find myself in a professional
position of production manager.

 For years I have had friends and family intimate that I waste my talent
by not pursuing higher degrees.   Thus prodded, I have investigated the
options and in every case I have come to  choose my current
situation.    In my case no children are involved but I do own a home
and without exception, all choices to further my education would mean
giving up my house.   The Scientists with hard won Phd's come and go
from our facility....always maneuvering for a better position.
Meanwhile, I am exposed to the new ideas and techniques they bring with
them.   These lessons, along with a benevolent lab director who
encourages educating even the technicians by exposure to journal
articles and other published material, gives me the best of both
worlds....scientific research without the stress of the competition at
university level and the opportunity to stay close to home.

Diane Stemnock
Cornell University
Duck Research Laboratory

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