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Diane makes a good point.  I have known many people who've done well
without getting on the academic treadmill.  My former grad student got a
job at NIEHS in Research Triangle Park as a lab technician.  She got
involved doing DNA microarray assays and now practically runs that lab
after only a year or so at it.  My pre-grad school lab at UT-Southwestern
Med Center in Dallas is another place.  Some of the same people I worked
with 15-20 years ago are still working there.  The opportunity to go for
an advanced degree has always been there for them, but they have plenty of
opportunities to learn new techniques and get their names on journal
articles in that research group.  The PI is excellent at rewarding the
techs and nurses in the group for doing their part, which is why so many
of them have stayed around for all that time.  There are a few people
who've been with him for over 25 years!  They also have established lives
that would be disrupted (in some cases beyond repair) had they opted to go
back to school in their 30's or 40's.  


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