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Elizabeth Waters ewaters at
Sat May 20 05:57:07 EST 2000

I do not think that listing In Prep on the CV is a good idea.

     The problem with "In Prep" is that it can mean very different things
to different people.  For some In Prep means the manuscript is in its final
revision and will be submitted within a few weeks.   For others In Prep is
a set of unfinished and unanalyzed experiments.  Most people will disregard
the In Prep listing because they will not know how to evaluate the work
listed as such.  Too many In Prep listings on a CV will give the impression
that you start but do not finish projects.

    If you feel you must list something as In Prep, list one at the most.
In your statement of research interests you can describe your past and
current work and mention that work will be submitted.  Even better is to
have the people writing your letters speak of any manuscripts they will be
co-author on.  If you do list a paper as In Prep, be prepared for someone
to ask to see it.


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