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Chris Boake cboake at
Sat May 20 05:57:14 EST 2000

Manuscripts in prep are OK if there are also published papers. They should
be listed separately, as should non-refereed materials such as book reviews
or technical reports. Manuscripts in prep don't substitute for the real
thing but can be useful if you have changed topics and want to show that
you are trying to publish. Try to submit the most important one before you
apply for your most-wanted job; then you have a legitimate reason to
include it in the application packet. Nobody on a search committee pays
much attention to manuscripts in prep so it may not be worth the bother of
including them on a list. If the ratio of "in prep" to "published" is high,
questions will be raised about the candidate's ability to complete a
project and publish in a timely fashion.

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"Sarah L. Pallas" wrote:

> Those of you who've been on search committees or are otherwise informed
> on this, do you like to see a list of manuscripts in preparation on the
> cv of a faculty job candidate, or is that a negative?
> --
> Sarah L. Pallas, Ph.D.

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