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Sun May 21 16:43:56 EST 2000

> Those of you who've been on search committees or are otherwise informed
> on this, do you like to see a list of manuscripts in preparation on the
> cv of a faculty job candidate, or is that a negative?

I'd say one is fine--everyone should have an MS in prep!  But --there are "buts".  More than one, and I'd be worried that the candidate doesn't finish things.  For more senior candidates, ie., already with  faculty positions,  I'd expect NOT to see
"in prep", unless there is something hot coming up that the candidate wants to highlight.  Since you can't count on everyone reading the cover letter or the research summary, the last entry on the research publications list can be a good place to
do this--but again, only one!

There is a "CV doctor" on the Chronicle of higher education web site (there's a link from the Women in Biology page 2, URL below), who discusses this and other aspects to job hunting.  The chronicle's free Career site (updated every friday) has an
excellent archive of all sorts of advice.  Also, the Tomoorow's Professor volume by  Robert Reis is a thorough guide to preparing for job hunts.  Unfortunately I came across it too late to benefit when I did my job hunt as a postdoc.  I've learned
a lot since then!  :-)

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