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forward from Josephine Stein, UEL:

The Department of Innovation Studies, University of East London
"Women and Science: Making Change Happen"

A lecture by Mrs Eryl McNally, Member of the European Parliament
Friday 17 November at 2.30 pm
in Room LD 0228, West Building, Docklands Campus


There is an unacceptable imbalance in the number of women and men involved in
science at professional level, despite the academic prowess displayed by women
during their initial studies.  What are the structural barriers to women's
involvement?  Why do we need better statistics on the gender bias, more
benchmarking between different EU Member States, and better understanding of
gender issues in science, technology and innovation? 

Eryl McNally was appointed by the European Parliament (EP) to respond to a
European Commission document on the subject "Women and Science: Mobilising
women to enrich European research".   In her lecture at UEL, Mrs McNally will
present and explain 34 concrete recommendations for action that 
should be taken at
European level to counter the lack of women involved in science.

Mrs McNally has been a Member of the European Parliament (currently 
for the East
of England) since 1994.  She is the Socialist Co-ordinator on the European
Parliament's Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy, and
was formerly Vice-Chair of the Energy and Research Committee.  She is a member
of the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Panel of the EP, and was
instrumental in organising two major international conferences on Women and

This lecture is offered as part of the ESST (European Society, 
Science and Technology) MA and the UEL Festival of Lifelong Learning.

For more information, contact:
Dr Josephine Anne Stein
Principal Research Fellow
Department of Innovation Studies
University of East London
Room 1257
East Building
4-6 University Way
London E16 2RD
tel:	+44 20 8223 4249 direct 
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