Effect of stereotypes

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> Pretty chilling stuff, though I guess women shouldn't feel 
> as bad as old people -- the same article says that old people
> who'd been exposed to the stereotype of decrepitude were less
> likely to accept life-prolonging medical intervention.
> Anyway, it raises the interesting possibility that some of the
> bias that's thought to be inherent in tests on which women
> or minorities score poorly may be not in the test but in the 
> stereotype that women and minorities will score
> poorly. One study cited found that women did just as well as
> men on a math test if they were told beforehand that women did
> just as well as men on that particular test. 

And what were the results of the study in which males were/were not
told they scored better/worse than females?

Is this a response to stereotypes or just a normal response of humans?

B. Martin

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